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JPB - Jabber Perl Bot

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  • 2006-02-17: Moved page from sourceforge to this wiki.
  • 2005-01-12: Another small fixes to make jpb work with Net::Jabber 2.0 - New version is 0.3.3
  • 2004-07-15: I fixed a few bugs which crached JPB on some configurations (don't know why actually) - New version is 0.3.2

About Jabber Perl Bot

It's a Jabber and IRC Bot written in Perl. It is easy to extend with modules. You can respond to Jabber messages (chat, normal, conference, iq, ...), IRC messages (public, msg, ...) and IPC (Inter Process Communication).

For more information look into Documentation.

  • JPBUsers - give usage examples, how you use jpb or just leave a message if you use jpb :)
  • JPBModules - if you write a module, you can list it here


JPB is not actively developed any more (I'll still fix bugs and help people if someone contacts me), because i work on another bot: Galena. But it doesn't really replace JPB, because it is written in java so it isn't that lightweight as JPB but it is much more modular and has more interfaces (of course there is also jabber interface, but I didn't implement all features yet). You can take a look at it's homepage if you are interested: http://galena.sphene.net


  • Easy to use, easy to extend (for modules not for protocols)
  • Jabber support (of course.. it's a jabber bot)
  • IRC support
  • IPC support
  • Userflags

Get It


If you have questions or encounter any problems, don't hesitate to contact me: Jabber: kahless@sphene.net Email: herbert.poul@gmail.com ICQ: 50647169

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